Joseph M. Freitas

The experienced Business Systems Analyst Project Manager Web Designer & Developer Data Analyst ...jack of all trades really

"Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality." - Richard Branson

Get things done

"A blue collar ethic in a white collar world" - This was something said about me years ago. I like to stick to that ideal.

Always learning

There is never a shortage of things to learn. If there's a new task that involves learning something new, count me in.


I don't always have the answer, or the immediate solution to every problem, but I will find it. Believe you me.

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Joseph M. Freitas

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2920 N Casa Tomas Ct, Phoenix, AZ, 85016





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Professional skills

Business Analysis

Take a look at something, and make it better. And document along the way.

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Project Management

Someone has to keep the boat moving. Bring in the PM!

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Team Leadership

Fight for them, and with them. Make them better than you.

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